Attention Business Owners Who Want To Business from Networking Events:

Learn Effective Networking Strategies that will Increase Your Business and Grow Your Customer Base

Networking Strategies for Business Success

Presented By: B. Hopkins of Psiphon Consulting and Margo Zaher of True Potential Coachimg,

In today's market, business owners are looking for more effective and efficeint means of gaining new clients. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on yellow page ads and expensive advertising campaigns. Networking can be one of the most effective means of finding new clients and customers.... if done effectively. Many business owners fail to reap the rewards networking can give them because they don't know how to go past the standard going to events, eating the snacks, sticking with people they already know and staying within what they have always done. It's not that they aren't willing to do something else... but if they don't know what that else is, they can't take advantage of it? Networking was designed to strengthen current business relationships and create new ones. So what is a business owner to do when they do not know how to use networking to their advantage?

Look at this fact:

According to statistics gathered by the Sandler Sales Institute, "If someone introduces you and attends and introductory meeting or call, the chance of closing the business or getting the job is 80%. Similar chances through a cold call are 1%."

This means that networking events are still a great way to get new business and new customers... if you know how to work the system and make this powerful form of obtaining customers work for you.

What if you could double the number of A-list clients that you currently have, or double your income without using expensive advertising means you can use time tested strategies to build up your local cliente.

Join Margot Zaher and B. Hopkins for 2 weeks of intensive Networking strategy training that includes both online and offline methods to maximize your success. You can take one, two or all three of these courses. There is a special, when you register for 2 of the courses, you get the 3rd one free!

This is what you will learn in each of the weeks:


Week 1: Networking tactics and strategies - January 13th

  • 3 surefire strategies to make your networking effective for you.
  • How to do an effective intro / commercial.
  • How do you initiate a conversation.
  • How to Master the Conversion Conversation / finding the rock in their shoe.
  • the powerful followup question before you leave them.

Week 2: Followup strategies to get you more business - January 20th

  • 4 secrets to effective follow-up and getting the appointments you want
  • When and how you should follow up
  • How to create a funnel system for your business that allows your client to get to know you before investing in you. Invite them into the first step of this funnel.
  • How you should leave the followup to increase your chances of creating more business
  • how to incorporate social networking into your followup


As an added bonus, the first 50 registrants will receive:

  • Video Recording of the webinar
  • Video on Finding the Right Networking events - this video contains:
    • How to choose the right networking venues (live and social)? Using social media to find the right live venues.
    • Four steps to choosing the right live networking event:
    • How to determine if you have good potential power partner relationships in the group / networking.
    • How to determine how well the group fits your target market or have access to your target market?

Each information packed workshop is only $28. When you register for 2, you get the 3rd one free

Don't hesitate as there is room for only 50 lucky Entrepreneurs to attend. They. want to keep the group small so that she can address every question you may have regarding what they are going to cover in this series starting November 11th on this workshop from 1:00pm Mountain Time or 3:00pm Eastern Time

Can't make it to the webinar? As a paid registrant, you receive the flash recording of the webinar even if you are unable to attend.

Suggested Attendees: Consultants, Entrepreneurs, All sales professionals, marketing professionals, small business owners, and sales managers. 


About the Presenters:
imargot zahar
Margot Zaher Margot's professional background includes being an Account Manager for Cargill Inc where she developed and serviced a customer base in a new two state market, working overseas for Procter & Gamble as a Brand Manager, and building a successful psychotherapy practice where she helped many individuals overcome fear and move forward in their lives. She deeply believes that our thoughts create our realities, and that there is an infinite amount of possibilities at our fingertips. She guides her clients to exit their current interpretations of reality in favor of newer more empowering mindsets that propel them forward on the road to success with ease and joy.
B. Hopkins owns and manages several websites in several different niches, and has experience in getting targeted traffic, converting that traffic into leads or revenue, and also capturing that traffic to market to for future products and services. This Web Programmer and Online Marketing Expert knows all about what Google and the other major search engines love, hate and want from your websites. She can also get your sites found, crawled, indexed and more importantly ranked!


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